Sightseeing in Noto


Satoyama and satoumi in Noto were designated as the first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systemss and have developed its culture with nature. You can enjoy traditional Japanese paper making in the tranquil country side, natural sea salt without any additional chemicals, and the morning market where you can buy dried flying fish for soup stock that is the same as Satoyama Marugoto Hotel. After an enchanting visit to Noto, our concierge decided to move here. They can suggest the most suitable travel plan for you at the reception desk. Please feel free to ask anything.

Scenic spots, traditional crafts

Noto Nigyo Washi paperYou can enjoy traditional Japanese paper making in the tranquil country side. Have a unique experience making one-of-a kind paper with home-grown plants and shells. You can try paper making during the cycling tour. How about making an original gift for your travel memories

Wajima KirimotoWajima lacquerware is a traditional Japanese craft. This workshop is recommended to the people who hesitate to use the lacquerware because it’s too expensive and old fashioned. The modern style tableware from the workshop will enrich your home.

Wajima SaltworksThe “Agehama” method is the traditional salt making method handed down from 500 years ago in Oku-Noto area. Without any additional chemicals, this salt enhances ingredients’ umami and enlivens ordinary cuisine.

Morning MarketThis morning market has supported the households and restaurants in Wajima for a long time. You can find the same dried flying fish for soup stock that we use at Satoyama Marugoto Hotel or fresh fish, which you can ask to be prepared at the site. You won’t be able to stop saying how delicious the food is.

Shiro-Yone Senmaida rice paddiesThis is the site of terraced paddies along the coast erected to the sea. With 1,004 paddies, breath-taking sceneries will fascinate you in each season.

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