Restaurant “Kayabuki-an”

Ingredients are grown in this abundant nature. The cuisine cooked with both traditional wisdom and our nutritionist’s knowledge is healing, and calming to our spirits.

We have selections of attractive cuisine such as : ”Koppa Miso” (grilled miso paste cooked on a wooden plate)” which has been loved by lumberjacks in Noto for centuries, “Rice cooked using a traditional wood stove” offering nine different brands of local rice, and original dishes using vegetables directly harvested from our gardens. The cuisine cultivated in the Noto region is only available here.

* The spa treatment salon is next to Kayabuki-an. We hope that you also enjoy it and relax during your trip.

Our restaurant building is thatched-roof style. The architecture itself is also one of its charms.

These are the seasonal ingredients. What can we have today?

The popping sound of frying tempura. We start frying tempura after getting your order.

Our specialty is the “Satoyama Marugoto (whole Satoyama) set meal.” Enjoy our tempura with natural salt from the Noto sea.

The aroma also makes out staff members smile. If you hear them laughing, just think how they are also enjoying this place!

Here is special wild herb tea from Grandma Yachi. Apparently, she gets her energy from this tea!

Our soup stock is prepared from flying fish from Wajima, which contains plenty of umami flavor.

Our curry is prepared under the guidance of our local nutritionist and is full of vegetables.

We can smell the cooking rice from the traditional wood stove. I can’t wait to eat!

Can we make a satoyama full course if we each order different dishes!? It fills our stomachs and hearts.

But, dessert and sweets are waiting? Then I can make more room!

After enjoying the meal, why don’t you lay down on the warm veranda floor?



Satoyama Marugoto set menu: 1,300 yenThis set menu comes with rice cooked with a traditional Japanese wood stove, Miso soup prepared with soup stock from local flying fish, Seasonal vegetable plate with fresh salad, traditional side dishes such as simmered vegetables and pickled vegetables, vinegared vegetables, and “name-miso” which is served as side dish rather than seasoning. The main dish, seasonal vegetable or edible wild vegetable tempura, can be enjoyed with natural salt from the Noto sea.

*Tempura set menu without the seasonal vegetable plate is 800 yen.

Noto satoyama curry and rice: starting from 500 yenOur curry is filled with lots of fresh and seasonal vegetables. Locally produced flying fish soup stock and miso enriches the taste.

Toppings for the curry

Deep fried vegetables: 200 yen, Deep fried vegetables and meat: 400 yen, fried minced Noto pork katsu: 300 yen, boiled egg: 150 yen, cheese: 150 yen, salad: 100 yen

Onigiri (rice ball) set meal: 500 yenThis is recommended if you’d like to enjoy the taste of our rice. Rice grown in this abundant nature is cooked with a traditional Japanese wood stove.

Side dishes

“Koppa Miso (grilled miso paste cooked on a wooden plate)”

All the set menu come with this “name-miso” which is served as side dish rather than seasoning. It is also available to grill by yourself at the hearth of Kayabuki-an. Taste what the local lumberjacks have loved for years.

Custom made dishes of harvested vegetables Set menu price plus 1,000 yen *Reservation is necessary *For set meal customers only

Eating vegetables harvested yourself at our farm in front of Kayabuki-an is definitely a unique experience. Enjoy the taste of Japanese mother’s home-cooked meal. If you have vegetables left over, you can bring them back and enjoy them at home.

Nine different kinds of select Wajima rice Set menu price plus 500 yen *For set meal customers only

Different farmers produce different rice with different tastes. Select your favorite out of nine types of amazingly delicious rice from Wajima. The rice is cooked at a small traditional kamado stove.


Kayabuki Monaka: 300 yenThatched-roof house-shaped wafers stuffed with seasonal sweet vegetable filling and finely mashed red bean paste. You can add mochi or ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream, etc. plus 300 yen


Various types of local sake, seasonal satoyama drinks, beer, non-alcoholic beer, soft drinks, coffee and tea are available. Please ask our staff members.



9:30-17:00 (Lunch time: 11:00-14:00)

Closed on


A full course menu for parties is available from July 2019. (Reservations are necessary.)





Reservations can be made by either telephone or e-mail.

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