Kutsurogi-dokoro “Kayabuki-an”


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy a spa treatment in a private room using essential oil from the Noto Peninsula. You can relax after your sightseeing or for everyday care.

Tired of driving? Worried about your kids? Don’t worry. The access to the treatment room is easy, right next to the restaurant.

Special Noto oil treatment is used as a part of our special care menu. As we are in satoyama, we can offer this rare oil.

Replenish in a calm oasis with our finest oil treatment.

Have a quick reflexology session after sightseeing.

Or treat yourself just because!

How about some tea at our comfortable veranda after relaxation?

De-stress in the natural environment of the 170-year-old house.

Noto oil spa treatment

60min. 7,500 yen / 90min. 9,800 yenWe use Noto oil from satoyama in our oil spa treatment. Select either “kuromoji (spicebush)” or “Noto hiba (Japanese cypress)” as an essential oil to blend with our base oil which includes camellia and other oils. Replenish yourself in the private room in the blessing of Noto’s nature.

Camellia oil

There are tufted camellias all over the Noto peninsula. This additive-free & domestically-made pure oil is carefully extracted by local people. Containing oleic acid which has the same components of sebum, this oil has an antioxidative effect, is soft on the skin, and is moisturizing. It is recommended for those who want to take care of their appearance.

Kuromoji (spicebush) oil

This oil is extracted from native kuromoji(*) in the Noto Peninsula. This is a rare oil since only 1-3ml of essential oil can be extracted from 1kg of the tree. It has fresh notes of the forest with a delicate sweet aroma. (*) a member of the camphor tree family.

Noto Hiba(cypress) oil

This oil is extracted from Noto hiba (cypress) with an aroma which makes you feel as if you’re taking a therapeutic walk in the forest. The tree is also designated as the prefectural tree of Ishikawa. Hiba is a family of cypress, yet it contains more scent component of “hinokitiol”. It is recommended to those who want to relax with the scent of the forest.

Regular Services

Oil spa treatment (Full body)

60min. 6,000 yen / 90min. 8,500 yenThis treatment relieves muscle stiffness using plant-derived oil and helps remove toxins within the body by improving blood and lymph flow. This course is recommended to those who experience swelling of the body or are feeling lethargic.

Oil spa treatment (partial care)

15min.- starting from 1,500 yenTreatment of the body part where you feel the most fatigue, such as your head, hands, shoulders, calves or feet. We can combine different services or treat different body parts on your request. Please ask us if you have any special requests.

Facial and above the shoulders

40min. 3,500 yenWe will perform oil treatment on not only your face but also around your shoulders, neck, and head. It is recommended to those who have strained eyes, light headaches, or who want to treat dull or saggy skin.

Body care

30min. 2,500 yen / 60min. 4,500 yenWe will carefully perform a full body massage over your clothes, relieving body stiffness and refreshing your body and mind.

Traditional Thai body massage

60 min. 4,600 yen / 90 min. 7,200 yen / 120 min. 9,600 yenTraditional Thai body massage mainly consists of Shiatsu and stretching. Stretching muscles makes better blood circulation and balances the autonomic nervous system. It is said that the therapy strengthens the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself.

* We provide clothes if you need them. (free of charge). * Please factor in time for counseling and changing clothes in addition to your appointment time. * Tax is included.

Reservations (Required)

We can take reservations either by telephone, e-mails, or on site. Please contact us three days prior. Also, we sincerely ask you to contact us in the case of change or cancellation of your reservation.



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Reservations can be made by either telephone or e-mail.

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