Eat, Relax, Be Calm.

The crackling fire of the traditional rice cooking stove.

Throwing yourself down on the warm veranda floor.

Wind is blowing outside. The hearth is warm and comfortable.

This hotel gives you a chance to experience the whole lifestyle of the Noto Peninsula, making all of the community a part of the hotel.

We aren’t just another cookie cutter hotel. We want to offer each of our guests a nostalgic, one-of-a-kind stay.

Eating in Satoyama

Ingredients are grown in this abundant nature. The cuisine cooked with both traditional wisdom and our nutritionist’s knowledge is healing and calming to our spirits.

Relaxing in Satoyama

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy a spa treatment using essential oil from the Noto Peninsula. You can relax after your sightseeing or for everyday care.

Exploring in Satoyama

Explore around the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems. You can get to know the beautiful scenery and local culture with our guided cycling tour.

Staying in Satoyama

A farmhouse situated in the tranquil country side welcomes you. It is different from a gorgeous and luxurious inn, yet you can have a heart-warming and unique time chatting by the hearth or helping the locals with their farm work.

Traveling in Noto

The Noto Peninsula, the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, has many attractions. After an enchanting visit to Noto, our concierge decided to move here. They can suggest the most suitable travel plan for you.


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