Satoyama Marugoto Cycling (Whole satoyama Cycling)

Exploring the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems by bikes. Visiting the local areas, not only tourist attractions. The bike sets the best pace for seeing satoyama in Noto. Going through the rice paddies, admiring seasonal wild flowers and vegetables, chatting with locals you come across, getting to know the festivals and traditions that have continued since long ago. These are the things you can enjoy with the guide.

Cycling Courses

Standard courseYou can go down streets that you wouldn’t visit during usual sightseeing. Your guide will tell you about the lifestyles, satoyama, history and culture while taking you into satoyama to enjoy the seasonal nature.

Japanese traditional paper-making courseThis course offers you a chance to make original handmade paper with collected flowers and plants you picked while you biked. Find some plants that attract you and decorate the paper with flowers. Now you feel like a professional craft person! This unique handmade paper- making experience is only available in this abundant satoyama nature.

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