What is Satoyama?

Satoyama is where nature and people co-exist. Satoyama consists of the mountains and forest used by people and community land including farms and paddies. Satoumi is where people and the sea co-exist. Unlike deep mountain areas where people cannot live easily or artificial cities, satoyama has a good balance between nature and people.

For example, rice paddies are made by people in order to grow rice for food. But also, thanks to the paddies, lots of insects and animals such as dragonflies and frogs can have a place to live.

Another example is thatched rooves. Rooves of houses in satoyama are thatched with plants that were cut down in the mountains. When the roof is smoked with firewood from the mountain, it is strengthened and lasts longer. After finishing its role as the roof, the plant is biodegradable, and can be returned back to the earth and transformed into nutrition to grow new life and food.

If used properly by people, the eco system circulates and becomes rich in resources. This is the traditional satoyama lifestyle.

Because we value the following aspects, the Noto peninsula was designated as the first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems in 2011.

We will continue to honor the values developed in beautiful satoyama. We hope to pass these values to the next generation and spread them all over the world by fitting them to a modern environment.

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